Discussing your own wake

If you are considering the kind of food and drink you would like to be served at your own wake, Sarah would be happy to meet with you.

Your wishes can be heard first-hand and discussed in a candid and collaborative way. This can be a surprisingly fulfilling experience.

Sarah has considerable experience of meeting people at such times, whether at home or in hospital. Please use the contact page if you would like to discuss this service.

Sarah Moore - portrait photo - discuss your own wake


My wife Tessa’s funeral wake was unusual in that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and yet was of very clear mind to use her remaining few weeks to organise everything the way she wanted.

It was her wish that there should be a memorial lunch after a private funeral which would be a celebration of her life. This gave Tessa the opportunity to sit down with Sarah and discuss the arrangements in great detail. On the day itself I was struck with the bubble of laughter around the tables of the hundred or so friends and family. The success was a direct result of the careful planning which Sarah and her staff gave the occasion, and I could not be happier that Tessa’s life was reflected so happily and more importantly, exactly as she wanted. I hope others are able to benefit from similar experiences.

Mike Murray, Sevenoaks